Root Canal Facts Everyone Should Know

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To most patients, one of the most fearful procedures offered at the dental office is a root canal treatment. Hearing a recommendation for the said service is enough to send shivers down their spine. The culprit of this perception may be the overemphasized claims about the pain and discomfort the procedure causes. Although this statement may be true in the past, know that technological advancements introduced better techniques and equipment to make the experience more bearable.

root canal treatment

To know more about root canal and to break the false claims about the said service, here are some facts we at Castillo Dental Studio have prepared.

The procedure is not as painful as most people think

People always think of a root canal as one of the most painful dental procedures. Do know that the steps involved when performing the treatment aims to alleviate a person’s pain, not cause it. At our practice, we may offer the use of local anesthesia, laughing gas, or oral sedation to make it as comfortable as possible. Patients who underwent a root canal can even compare the process to a dental filling.

Proper aftercare should be observed

After the procedure, it is essential for patients to be extra careful when using the treated tooth for it may break or even fall out. To restore the function of this tooth, it is best if patients will consider getting a dental crown.

There is a healing period

Although the process itself is not painful, patients may still experience discomfort and soreness until the treated tooth heals. To help patients manage any pain and to quicken healing, the dentist will recommend medications. It is also best for them to get some rest and temporarily consume soft foods to assist with healing.

It does not make the teeth invulnerable

With proper care and maintenance, a tooth treated by root canal can last for more than a decade. However, this does not mean that the patient’s pearly whites become resistant to gum disease and cavities. It is still important to observe proper oral hygiene at home and schedule routine appointments.

Toothache that disappears does not mean that a root canal is no longer necessary

Due to the fear of dentists, some people would rather bear the pain and discomfort caused by a toothache. Pain to any part of the body indicates that there is something wrong and actions should be taken. Oral pain may indicate that bacteria are attacking the portion of the tooth (pulp) made up of blood vessels and nerves. If actions are not taken, the pulp may die, and the pain will disappear. If a root canal procedure is still ignored, the problem will go deeper to the roots—leading to the spread of infection.

Saves a tooth from extraction

It is always the best option to save the tooth, especially if there is a way to do so. Instead of opting for a tooth removal due to infection, undergoing a root canal treatment is best. The procedure gets rid of the disease and prevents it from spreading—all the while making sure that the tooth stays intact in its socket.

What are you waiting for? If you are suffering from a tooth infection, it is best to opt for a Root Canal Treatment in Pembroke Pines, FL! Call or visit us at Castillo Dental Studio to get started.